eyebrow tint


eyelash tint


lash 'n' brow


lash lift & tint


party lash extentsions (temporary)


hollywood lashes

(Semi permanent) up to 2 hours. Stunning effect, long full natural looking lashes. Glue test required.


russian natural


russian glam


infill (one hour)



By using the latest technology for removing excess unwanted hair. The blend machine is used with an electric current which generates heat and galanic current to produce a chemical reaction within the skin at the hair folicle, eventually causing destruction of the active hair produced by the folicle.


A minute needle is inserted within the hair folicle (this is where the hair grows out of), the current is applied for a few seconds and the hair is removed by the tweezers, only if there is enough current to remove the hair, the section of the area is treated as successfully as it can be within the time limit requested .


It is a painless treatment depending on the area being treated, although you might feel a slight heat sensation within the the skin once the needle has entered the folicle.

The amount of sessions needed is hard to assess and will depend on the hair growth and the underlying problems causing the growth.


A full consultation is required for your first treatment, then you will be given an aftercare sheet to follow after your treatment which must be followed for 24-48 hours.

treatment times

1st treatment 

(includes consultation & 15 mins)



 15 MINS


 30 MINS


45 mins

You will required to have a patch test 24 hours before you have any tinting or extension services. This is for new customers only. On rare occasions these products can have an adverse reaction. The test we ask you to have for you own health and safety. If you do not want a patch test , you will be asked to sign a disclaimer.



(includes a mini facial) this is to prepare the skin surface for makeup applications




45 min consultation / practise session full facial and trial


on the day

(inc mini facial)


please bridal packages for discounts