permanent waves 'n' curls


top perm

This look gives the effect of natural fullness to the hair with soft waves or bouncy natural curls. Creates a temporary different look for you that is a little special. Works on either straight or naturally wavy hair or gives control to unruly curly hair.


short hair 


long hair


spiral curls (short curls)


spiral curls (long hair)


o.a.p. permanent waving service (includes cut & finish)

A permanent wave does not have to mean a tight curly head of hair (unless that is what you want). 

This service can be used to give limp straight hair and volume boost, or a fabulous bouncy wave. Obviously not all hair is suitable for permanent services all test curls are free of charge. 

You MUST maintain your chemical treatment at home with the correct products. 


specialised conditioning treatments

30 min service

Professional deep conditioning treatment used in conjunction with steam application ...

An essential benefit for all chemically treated hair, restores moisture and structure to hair detangles Rekindles lustres


15 mins service

Professional conditioning treatment... This is provided at the basin for convenience and speed. Suits ALL hair types. It provides your hair with an extra special nourishment.


all products used in these treatments are available for retail

Please note that our professional treatments are usually provided free of charge with any chemical treatment to see if you are eligible. Please ask your consultant.