This purely indulgent treatment has all the benefits of Swedish massage techniques coupled with desquamation (exfoliating)  hot oil application and wrapping. Creates a fresh new look to the skins appearance.

Benefits are lymphatic drainage, disposing of toxins, feeds and nourishes the skin, firms & tightens.

Your modesty is preserved at all times during these treatments. You may wish to bring with you a fresh change of underwear when having a full body treatment. Fantastic way to really polish the skin, re-hydrate the whole body at the same time tightening your problem areas. As in all body wrapping treatments we strongly advise against ladies having this service whilst menstruating.


face & decollete


back neck & shoulders


hand & arm wrap 


foot & leg wraps


 cuticle wraps    


full body including face


sweet coconut treatment 


indian head massage (30 mins)


This covers the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Many people hold tension in their shoulders, lower jaw and forehead. It is of great benefit to these areas and aids stress relief and relaxation to them.

It also improves circulation to the head, the production of sebum, thus enhancing hair growth.

Oil is not used on the scalp unless specifically requeated by the client.

A small amount may be used on the shoulders but is not essential. The ancient indian technique has been adapted for the 21st century relaxation and stress relief. The client is not required to remove any clothing.